Synchronous training means that you interact with your instructor and fellow interpreters in real time. TPIO programs feature the latest innovations in online synchronous training. Participants will:

  • See the faces of fellow students during a program.
  • Practice role plays in private online “rooms.”
  • Engage in small group and large group exercises, skills practice and discussion.

The programs are highly interactive–you’ll enjoy them.

Why? Because TPIO engages the best trainers in the field. It offers the finest textbooks, materials and resources. Its methods are exciting. You will not be bored!

No matter where you live around the world, you can attend these programs if you speak English and the schedule works for you.

Are you fluently bilingual?

Professional interpreting—a career of meaning and dignity—is open to you!
Make the world a better place. Give voice. Become a professional interpreter!
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